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French is the official language in 29 countries and is spoken by up to 160 million people as a native language, mainly in France, Canada, Belgium and Switzerland.

In the UK, historically French has always been the most popular language for people to learn, although the take up of other languages, particularly Spanish, is growing rapidly.

We work as an agent for French tutors who are all qualified and will get you speaking French quickly and in a relaxed and friendly environment. Your tutor can tailor French courses for business, pleasure, GCSE or A-level.

Private tuition is completely flexible and your French lessons can be taken when you want. Your tutor will come to your office or home. In some cases we may also be able to arrange for you to take lessons at your French tutor's home or another suitable location.

Most students are keen to get started quickly and you can usually begin your French classes within a week or two, or more quickly if needed.

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